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Workwear Fabric Essentials

Helcasio has reimagined clothing in the scrub industry by combining fashion forward looks with technologically advanced fabrics that bring comfort, function, and performance to every garment. The fabric is the innovation of the next generation, and will revolutionize the definition of comfort.

One of the best features of the fabric is stretch, which gives the wearer every opportunity to move comfortably. The fit allows ease-of-movement and is cleanly cut to keep you looking sharp.

The fabric contains a special membrane engineered with state-of-the-art technology that guarantees to keep you dry and comfortable from the inside-out. Suitable for all working conditions, the fabric provides an impenetrable layer that prevents water and stains from coming into your garment, while also keeping the highest level of breathability. The shell is long lasting, making you feel good on the inside, while looking professional on the outside.


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